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good publication practice

good publication practice

the reporting, communication, and publication of biomedical research should adhere not only to current regulatory requirements, but also to generally accepted ethical standards. professional and experienced medical writers, in addition to making sure that research results are presented in a clear, accurate, and balanced manner, will also support authors in preparing publications which  comply with publication ethics and current reporting guidelines.

a series of guidances, such as the emwa guidelines, the good publication practice guidelines developed by the international society for medical publication professionals (ISMPP), or the uniform requirements for manuscripts compiled by the international committee of medical journal editors (ICMJE) help sponsors, named authors, and medical writers understand and fulfil their respective roles in the publication process.

they all emphasize the collaborative nature of developing biomedical publications, the importance of adhering to defined criteria of authorship, guaranteeing that named authors have full control of the contents of their papers, making the role of medical writers transparent, and giving authors and writers access to all relevant data.



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